More Tea, Jesus? The hilarious religious satire by James Lark



"A sweet and charming book that I raced through" - Words and Pieces

"Lark's characters are laugh-out-loud hilarious" - Reading Glutton

"This had me giggling all the way through" - Stephen C. Ormsby

What people are saying about it...

"I adored this book it was witty, refreshing and brilliantly written" Mar Dixon

"Fantastic. My first 'must read' of 2012 laughed my way through it." - Spudballoo

"Extremely funny, but also surprisingly moving" Rachel

"Funny, witty, warm and absolutely brilliant. An easy read, I loved it." Lynsey Dalladay

"Love love love this book." - Jane Dyer

"I laughed out loud and thoroughly enjoyed it." - R Lewis

"It entertained me from cover to cover and it's definitely worth a read." - Helen S

"Maintains a light-hearted feel whilst actually tackling some fairly hefty issues" Katmartom